Things of Interest 2020 Weeks 44 and 45

Things have been… dramatic the past few week with the election and then, eventually the results. My town has been filled with honking, dancing, and fireworks. Here are some things of interest… Watching Community (Netflix) We’ve be rewatching this show since it became available on Netflix. The parody and homages to different genres are someContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Weeks 44 and 45”

Accidental Collection

Why are collections of things so satisfying? Years ago I bought my first Hobonichi Techo planner and had it delivered straight from their online store. When you order directly from the company they include a branded multi-color click pen and every year they make a different color. It was a fun little bonus but notContinue reading “Accidental Collection”

Moon Stamp

Inspired by the love of the new Field Notes edition The United States of Letterpress, I dug out some old editions I had stashed away. I’ve used the little notebooks to keep quotes, make lists, write down my thoughts and even have used them as tiny daily sketchbooks. Most recently they’ve acted as a collectContinue reading “Moon Stamp”