Things of Interest 2020 Week 48

Reading The Art of “Cool As Ice” (via Ironic Sans) Quick – what do Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Vanilla Ice vehicle Cool as Ice have in common? They all have the same cinematographer. For extra fun, show the pictures in this article to an unsuspecting friend and have them try to guess whichContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Week 48”

Things of Interest 2020 Week 47

Music Meet Shameika Stepney, Inspiration to Fiona Apple on Fetch the Bolt Cutters (via Pitchfork) Fetch the Bolt Cutters is on heavy rotation around here and is, by far, my favorite album of the year (side note: if you have a record player I highly recommend picking up the vinyl – the mastering is exceptional). IfContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Week 47”

Things of Interest 2020 Week 46

Listening Take a Walk (via 99% Invisible) Episode 419 of the podcast 99% Invisible is a collage of people talking about the walks they take. It is an absolute balm. Watching The Victorian Farm (Amazon Prime) This series follows three historians as they try to live and replicate life on a farm in the VictorianContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Week 46”

Things of Interest 2020 Weeks 44 and 45

Things have been… dramatic the past few week with the election and then, eventually the results. My town has been filled with honking, dancing, and fireworks. Here are some things of interest… Watching Community (Netflix) We’ve be rewatching this show since it became available on Netflix. The parody and homages to different genres are someContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Weeks 44 and 45”

Things of Interest 2020 Week 43

It was the week of the final presidential debate and another week of rising Covid cases in the United States and Europe. Still, there were some things of interest… Animal Interests Siphonophones (via Wikipedia) -These weird creatures are technically a colony of animals, that function as a single animal. The Portuguese man o’ war isContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Week 43”

Things of Interest 2020 Week 42

This week saw dueling presidential town halls, the beginnings of early voting and the rise of Covid cases in the U.S. Still, there were a few interesting things… Listening Arcade Fire – Reflektor (via Spotify) I get the urge to listen to this every fall. I enjoy it all but the second half is especiallyContinue reading “Things of Interest 2020 Week 42”