Summer Camp Socks

I’ve been plodding along in spare moments to get another pair of socks finished to help fill up my daughter’s sock drawer. I started knitting her socks when she was tiny. She loved the warmth and the lack of a toe seam. It was easy enough to cart along a tiny ball of wool to preschool activities and bang out pair after pair of adorably small socks in relatively short order.

Children do have a tendency to grow and what used to be a quick and easy endeavor now requires lots of knitting and very regular washing of socks to keep her feet in hand knits.

This year we reached a moment of planetary alignment where we share the same foot size, and thus, the same sock size. This one beautiful moment when I can knit as many pairs of socks as I can – and even if she outgrows them next year, it will not have been wasted effort as they can migrate to my own sock drawer.

There is, of course, the chance that her feet are done growing and the socks will remain her own. When that day comes I will celebrate the fact that every pair I knit from that point onward add to a growing accumulation – each pair lengthening the time between loads of sock laundry. Perhaps I’ll even take a moment to knit myself a fresh pair.

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