Things of Interest 2020 Week 48


  • The Art of “Cool As Ice” (via Ironic Sans) Quick – what do Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Vanilla Ice vehicle Cool as Ice have in common? They all have the same cinematographer. For extra fun, show the pictures in this article to an unsuspecting friend and have them try to guess which movie they are from.
  • Everything Was Fake but Her Wealth (via Smithsonian Magazine) A fascinating look into the life of Ida Wood, a reclusive woman who lived in a New York City hotel for 24 years. Stay for the twist at the end.
  • A Rant About “Technology” (via Ursula K. Le Guin Archive) A response to the idea that “hard” science fiction must deal with high technology and a pointed reminded of what technology actually means.

We’ve made it through Thanksgiving and are starting down the barrel of December. We are almost to the end of this year. Only one thing to do – move onward, friend, to next week.

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