Things of Interest 2020 Week 47


  • Meet Shameika Stepney, Inspiration to Fiona Apple on Fetch the Bolt Cutters (via Pitchfork) Fetch the Bolt Cutters is on heavy rotation around here and is, by far, my favorite album of the year (side note: if you have a record player I highly recommend picking up the vinyl – the mastering is exceptional). If you haven’t listened to it yet, please do, and then read this article that has an interview with Shameika Stepney, inspiration to the absolute banger of a song “Shameika”.

On Survival

  • The Comedy of Survival (via Austin Kleon) A great read on the usefulness of a sense of humor as a survival strategy. It’s also an interesting read in that you can almost see the wheels turning in the author’s head. You can see him pulling together ideas from different sources and watch his thinking circle around to greater truths. Austin Kleon’s blog is one of my favorite follows if you are in the market for new blogs or newsletters to read.


  • Forever Stamps for 2021 (via USPS) The United States Postal Service has released images for their new forever stamp designs for 2021. I’m particularly partial to the Lunar New Year, Day of the Dead, Raven Story and Western Wear designs. What are your favorites?

Art and/or Frivolous Nonsense

  • The Book of Pop Out Earrings (via Supersassy) I am a simple person and seeing these delighted me. Paper earrings actually seem like a reasonable idea from a weight perspective and potentially are an interesting way for artists to make a little money. I would have wanted these desperately when I was younger.

Another week into the grinder. If you are in the United States, enjoy your hopefully tiny and at home Thanksgiving. And no matter where you are, onward, friends, into next week.

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