Ixchel Sweater

Two years ago the fall edition of Pom Pom magazine came out. On its cover was a sweater so spectacular that I immediately bought both the magazine and the specially dyed yarn to make it. The pattern notoriously had many mistakes and was not a particularly knitter friendly design. Much like the sirens luring sailors to their deaths, the beauty of this sweater lured me in anyway – and now, after multiple years of on and off knitting – I’ve finished.

Ixchel Sweater

I’m not particularly adept at colorwork, nor do I find it incredibly enjoyable, but sometimes the results are worth the process.

This sweater has had various parts reknit multiple times. Particularly frustrating was when I got well down one of the arms when I realized I had been knitting with the smaller sized needles you are supposed to use on the cuffs instead of the main needle size and had to rip it all back.

The final scare was when I went to block it. After pulling it from the water it seemed to have grown much more than what my swatch would have indicated. Even worse, the yarn seemed stringy and sad. It was a tense day and half but as it dried, the yarn puffed up again and the growth was more in line with a drapey, comfy sweater instead of something that would fit Sasquatch.

While it wasn’t my favorite thing to knit, it might be my favorite thing I’ve knitted. I think it was worth the trouble.

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