Things of Interest 2020 Weeks 44 and 45

Things have been… dramatic the past few week with the election and then, eventually the results. My town has been filled with honking, dancing, and fireworks. Here are some things of interest…


  • Community (Netflix) We’ve be rewatching this show since it became available on Netflix. The parody and homages to different genres are some of the best.
  • I Think You Should Leave (Netflix) A little gem of a comedy show for those that also liked shows like The State.

Art and Stationery

Customs Around The World

  • Christingle (via Wikipedia) I only discovered this while watching James Acaster’s comedy special on Netflix wherein he describes the candle and candy bedazzled orange, and immediately I had to google to see if it was a real thing. Dear reader, it is real and the images do not disappoint.
  • Radiator Versus Forced Air Heating. During the podcast Wonderful, one of the hosts mentioned being freaked out by the radiator in an old house. In the Facebook group of fans, many in Europe were very confused both by why a radiator would be scary and, if there is no radiator, how people in the United States heat their homes. Thus began an interesting exchange showing the vast differences between radiators in Europe and the old, exceedingly hot ones in the U.S. and how the need for air conditioning here led to the success of forced air heating. I love discovering new things I didn’t know about the world.

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