Things of Interest 2020 Week 42

This week saw dueling presidential town halls, the beginnings of early voting and the rise of Covid cases in the U.S. Still, there were a few interesting things…


  • Arcade Fire – Reflektor (via Spotify) I get the urge to listen to this every fall. I enjoy it all but the second half is especially good.
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours. This is another album that feels especially suited to the fall to me. Of course the cranberry juice skateboard video has had it stuck in my head this year as well.


  • Reflektor music set to the film Black Orpheus (via Vimeo)When the album first came out they dropped this video online. The match up between the the film which is a re-telling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, with the music on Reflektor which covers the same themes is beautiful and haunting.
  • The blue skies. The combination of cold fronts and fewer planes has led to some of the bluest skies. Between September 11th and now the pandemic I wonder if at some point we’ll start associating blue skies with catastrophe.



The one common thing you hear from everyone is “Why does this hurt so much? I didn’t know the guy.” Yes, you did know the guy. You shared 100 meals with him, if not more. 

Matt Goulding

We’ve made it through another one. Like sped up astronauts, onward, friends, to next week.

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