Accidental Collection

Why are collections of things so satisfying?

Years ago I bought my first Hobonichi Techo planner and had it delivered straight from their online store. When you order directly from the company they include a branded multi-color click pen and every year they make a different color.

It was a fun little bonus but not particularly useful to me since I use fountain pens for most things, including in my planner. I started buying my Hobonichi gear from local outlets once that became an option, which meant no more pens.

Last year, however, my local stationery shop started doing a group buy directly from Hobonichi so we could have access to anything we wanted in the shop while also splitting the shipping. Enter the return of the Hobonichi branded pen. It was a fun bonus but again, I didn’t pay too much attention due to the fact that I didn’t really use them – although I did notice that the original one had disappeared.

This year there was another Hobonichi group buy and a new pen to celebrate the 20th year for the company. Out of curiosity, I went hunting for the original and found it in my daughter’s backpack. She also has been using the red one from last year in her own school planner.

Suddenly, even though I don’t have a particular use for them, these pens matter to me. Collecting them matters to me. I don’t know if it was seeing them have a use for my daughter, or just the fact that we now have three of them that pushed me over the edge. One is just a thing, two is a couple, does three catapult it into a collection?

Does anyone else have an accidental collection of something?

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