Things of Interest 2020 Week 41

This was the week Covid swept through the White House and the Vice Presidential debate was upstaged by a fly. Still, there were some things of interest…


  • Jacob Collier (via You Tube) I was recently delighted when my brother sent a link to a Jacob Collier video he stumbled upon. He was just discovering Jacob’s genius for both composing, and explaining music. In this particular video he explains harmony at various levels of complexity from child, through expert, all the way to Herbie Hancock.


  • This colorized video of a Snowball Fight in Lyon, France.


  • Browse the World’s Strangest Books (via The Guardian) A book made of cheese, a Koran written in Saddam Hussein’s blood, a triangular shaped book written entirely in code – this article has it all.
  • USC’s Dying Linebackers (via Sports Illustrated) I don’t have a great interest in sports but I highly recommend this well written piece that shows the human toll of football’s traumatic brain injuries.

Well, we’ve made it through another one. Onward to next week friends.

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