Things of Interest 2020 Week 40

A lighter week in Things of Interest, perhaps since it’s been a heavier week in world events. Still, a few things…


  • Home Cooking – This new podcast features Samin Nosrat (of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat fame) and Hrishikesh Hirway (of Song Exploder) talking about cooking. A cozy podcast and Samin’s laugh delights me.


  • Cleaning Outside Windows – An unconventional Thing of Interest. In our region we are staring into increasing darkness with the return of fall and winter. Couple that with the knowledge that we will be basically at home the entire time due to Covid and I wanted more light. Thus, the motivation we needed to clean the outside of our windows after mumble mumble year. The light! We now have windows, but in HD! If you are able, I recommend it.


  • Guessing Paint Colors (via Twitter) – I could have watched the first presidential debate, or I could watch a delightful gentleman try to guess paint colors from the pigment going into a bucket of paint before it’s mixed.

Onward to the next week friends.

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