Things of Interest 2020 Week 39


  • Nooks Bells by T-Pain (via You Tube)It’s a rap about Animal Crossing. What more can I say?
  • Earth Wind and Fire 21st of September celebrations on the internet

Stationery and Art

  • United States of Letterpress (via Field Notes) Field Notes has commissioned a handful of letterpress printers to make covers for their latest edition and made this very cool video about it. I’m sorely tempted to grab a pack.
  • Desktop Diaries: Oliver Sacks (via You Tube) In this video Oliver Sacks, neurologist and author, gives a little tour of his desk. His collections of elements and minerals reminds me of a personal altar.
  • Drawings by Charles Darwin’s Children (via Open Culture) The drawings are utterly charming and surprisingly intricate.

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