Twsbi Eco

I’m slowly, (very slowly) trying to get back into the habit of drawing. Drawing takes a fair bit of concentration in a way that knitting a sock doesn’t. So I’m going back to basics and just drawing what’s nearby – in this case, a fairly new pen I’ve been using.

I use a Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink for all of my sketches. It’s my favorite ink to use when I know I’m going to be doing a watercolor wash – I find it to be the most waterproof. However, this mean the Lamy is always filled with black ink so I’m ready to draw whenever I’ve got the energy and inclination.

I’m opening a door a month. It’s the small pleasures that keep you going in 2020.

I received the Diamine Inkvent calendar as a gift last year and had been wanting to try out all of the different inks in my planner, so back in February I picked up the Twsbi to try. So far it is easy to clean and low maintenance – absolute requirements for me. I also enjoy that it doesn’t need a converter and I can see the color of the ink in the pen since I’m switching colors every month.

The Twsbi with the drawing of itself. Yes I have to look up how to spell Twsbi every time.

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