Things of Interest 2020 Week 38



Cereal cut out record of the Jackson Five


Witchbrook’s spooky, cozy look.
  • Undertale 5th Anniversary Concert (via You Tube) The actual music starts around the 44 minute mark although there are some fun animations in the time leading up to the concert that certain members of my household greatly enjoyed. If you know the game mechanics then the end of the concert is especially clever.
  • Witchbrook, the upcoming Stardew Valley, witch mash up game just launched its’ own website. Cozy, spooky, farming vibes.
  • Actors in old video game commercials. (via Twitter)

Hope in the Time of Covid

  • Dear Larry: A Letter to Home (via You Tube) A short local video showing how a town handles the lockdown. Warning, it could make you cry.
  • Ladybird Diner You see Meg of the Ladybird handing out free meals in the video above. She shut down her restaurant and has been using it to feed anyone that needs it, no questions asked. She is a wonderful writer and is putting out a book, the proceeds of which will be used to keep feeding people.

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