Things of Interest Week 36

  • Taskmaster is a British variety show available on You Tube. It’s a “game show” where comedians are given a series of random tasks and whoever completes them quickest, best, etc. wins points. I say “game show” because the winner gets “prizes” that all the contestants have brought in based on a specific theme.
  • Spiritfarer. A video game that bills itself as “a cozy management game about dying”. It is extremely cozy – the art style is Ghibli-esque, you can hug different characters and you can calmly sail your personal ship to different destinations. It is very much a management game – you collect materials to craft into food or other necessary materials to unlock new areas and advance. It is very, very much about dying. You are caring for spirits that have died until they are ready to pass over to the other side. I would be lying if I said I haven’t cried while playing this game. Just watch the trailer.

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